Too Late for a Summer Body?

So…the Fourth of July just passed.  Most people are throwing in the towel on getting right for the summer.  It’s too late…or is it?  Fitness really seems to be making a comeback right now.  A plethora of workout gurus are taking social media by storm.  You have Zumba, pilates, CrossFit, twerkouts, and more.

With so many choices, it shouldn’t be too hard for an individual to find the perfect workout fit.  Of course, you must pair a healthy diet with the workouts to see sufficient results.

What do you do after you’ve lost the desired amount of weight, but you need to tighten and tone your skin?  Try a cream or lotion, such as Palmer’s Firming Butter.  It has collagen, elastin, shea butter and Vitamin E to give your skin that toned look you desire. The product is very affordable and dermatologist tested.  So, hit that gym or work out at home, eat healthy, and treat your skin.  You should have your beach-ready body in no time!





Without You

I feel like I can’t have a happy life without him, but I didn’t have a happy life with him.  Doesn’t make any sense.  I feel so alone, and hopeless about love.  I don’t want to give up on meeting the one, but it hurts.  I’m so afraid of being rejected again.  Maybe I just need a  little more time to heal.

Sunday June 12, 2016 marks our two-year anniversary.  That’s probably why I’m so emotional right now.  I am trying to move on but it’s hard.  Even though I know it’s completely over.

Break up to make up…

That really does seem like it’s all my boyfriend and I do.  The thing that’s different about this relationship is I’m always the one doing the breaking up.  Then immediately after, I regret it.  I guess I don’t deal with confrontation very well.  I am so used to guys leaving me that I anticipate it.  This man is not that type who just runs at the first sign of trouble.  I expect him to react that way, so I try to beat him to the punch.  We are taking a little break…mostly so I can get my mind together.

I don’t want to hurt him anymore and he is tired of my crap, so we are not going to date again until I have things under control.  I know I love him and want to be with him, but that’s not enough.  We both want a healthy adult relationship.  I have never had one of those(romantically).  I developed some very negative habits in my 10 years of dating.  I am determined to break this destructive cycle.  I will no longer let the men who hurt me in the past control my life.  I want to be happy.  I am taking control of my life.

I have recently admitted to myself that I have an addiction.  I won’t say what it is.  There may actually be more than one.  Anyway, I’m taking the steps necessary to get my life in order.  I will be 30 years old in less than two months.  Time really flies when you’re not having fun.  Lol.  Just kidding.  I have had some fun, but I have experienced a lot of pain as well.  Who hasn’t?  The important thing is God has kept me through it all.  I’m still standing.  I bent, but I did not break.  Thirty is going to be amazing!!!  I am going to achieve my goals.  I don’t know how long it will take, but I’m willing to put in the work.  Can’t spend anymore time watching life pass me by.  I am going to write that novel.  I am going to get married and have children.  I am going to move into my dream home.  There’s plenty of time.  No rush.  Or there might not be much time.  Only God knows.  I better get started, so I can at least  say I tried.  God bless.  Happy Autumn!

Finding My Way

2014 is the year I am going to work harder toward finding my path in life.  I finally have a job.  It’s not something I want to do for a long period of time, but it is nice to be employed again.  Still, the focus is on obtaining my first library position.  People have told me time and time again that I need to do volunteer work to get my foot in the door.  Having the degree is not enough.  I understand that, and I am going to volunteer at my local library.

The job I’m doing now is pushing me to work harder to start my career.  I don’t want to just work a job.  I don’t want to wake up every morning ready to go to work only so I can hurry up and get it over with.  I want to work in a place where I am excited to go most days.  The library is that place.  The library is like a second home to me.  It’s time for me to put aside all my fears of not being good at what I want to do, and just go for it!  I can only become better through experience.  Over the next few months, I will be updating my blog with my experiences as a library volunteer…and soon as a librarian.

Well my first A…

Well my first ALA conference is coming to an end.  I enjoyed this experience tremendously, but I am so glad to be going home tomorrow.  I got a chance to meet great authors, learned valuable information about being a librarian, and got free books.  Those are just a few of the benefits of this conference.  

I plan to attend more of these in the future.  I think I will get a lot more out of it once I become a librarian.  As a student, I felt a little like an outsider in some of the sessions.  Many of the other people were bonding over experiences that I haven’t had yet.  I am excited about becoming  a librarian.  For now, I think I still want to be a YA librarian, but who knows?

Next time I visit California, I want it to be a leisure trip.  I want to go to Disneyland, visit Hollywood, and just enjoy this beautiful state without being on such a strict schedule.  See ya next time, California.

ALA Conference

Tomorrow I head to Anaheim, CA for the 2012 American Library Association’s 2012 Annual Conference.  I am very excited, but nervous too.  I’ve never been to California, and I haven’t been on a plane since 2006.  I am looking forward to meeting interesting people in my field, and doing some networking that may lead to a job opportunity.  I’m excited about getting out of North Carolina for a few days.  I love my state, but a change of scenery will be nice.

I don’t write in this blog very often, so I’ll probably post some updates about my trip.  I won’t post too many details about the serious stuff.  That will go in the paper that I have to write.  It will be interesting to see what some of these librarians are like outside of campus.  There are some pretty cool people…I think.  Lol.  Anyway, I don’t really have much to say.  I’m just trying to kill some time and ease my nerves.

One thing I’m not looking forward to is being at the airport at 4 a.m. tomorrow morning.  Fortunately, my sister agreed to drive me to the airport, so at least I don’t have to make that morning drive by myself.  I’m sure my nerves will settle once I’m actually at the airport, checked in and with my group.