What NOT to do if you get a woman pregnant

I read an article about a young woman who gave birth to a baby boy, after being set on fire and shot.  Who was responsible for the attack?  Her baby’s father and his roommate.  This is despicable.  First of all, no human being should EVER treat another human like that.  Second, that woman was carrying his child, but he wanted her and the child dead.  I guess he just didn’t want another mouth to feed. 

I thought it was 2012.  I thought there were all kinds of ways to prevent unplanned pregnancies.  We have condoms, birth control pills, patches, rings, etc.  Then, there’s that other thing-abstinence!  I’m trippin’ though.  Who wants to abstain from sex?  Seriously, though.  Go ahead, have sex if you want to, but be responsible about it.  If you don’t want to bring a child into the world, take the necessary precautions.  Don’t have sex, or use protection.  And if somehow, your girlfriend or casual sexual partner becomes pregnant, handle it like a man.  If she wants to keep the child, grow up and take responsibility.  Work hard so that you can help her take care of that child.  Under no circumstances should you try to kill the child or the child’s mother just so your sorry “you-know-what” won’t have to take care of the child. 


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