Celebrities are Humans Too

Sometimes people forget that celebrities are humans too.  They feel pain just like us.  Unfortunately for them, along with the fame and riches comes scrutiny and criticism about their every move.  If we get exhausted, depressed, whatever and have to be hospitalized for it, no one knows about it except those closest to us.  Imagine having the whole world making jokes about your health.  And we never hear the full story.  But, people take what the tabloids give them, and run with it.  I would never want to be famous.  I just don’t feel like it’s worth it.  I want to be rich, but still relatively unknown.

I am writing this in reference to Ray J’s recent hospitalization.  According to his reps, he has been way too busy lately.  His body just needs rest.  I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some depression there too.  He was devastated after Whitney Houston’s death in February.  If you don’t take enough time to properly grieve a loss like that, it will eventually catch up to you.  Of course this is just me speculating.  Anyway, my prayers go out to Ray J.  I hope he’s back to his normal self soon.  Next time you want to make jokes about someone’s medical issues, no matter how big or small, stop and think for a minute.  Are you that miserable that you get pleasure from someone else’s pain?


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